I discovered my favourite ever thing in linguistics today, quite by accident. If we cast our minds back to when I was learning Plattdeutsch in Oldenburg, back in 2011 aka weird year where stuff went pear-shaped, we will remember me saying about how my tutor kept doing a weird sucky-in thing when he was agreeing with you. And then when I discussed it with my beloved Pudding Rhian, she was all like 'yeah blud, the Swedes totes do that too innit'. Well, today I finally found out that it's called ingressive speech, and not only do they do it in northern Germany and Sweden, but ALSO in Ireland and the Scottish Highlands (when speaking English) – they call it the 'Gaelic gasp', which is a fantastically camp name. It's hard to explain if you've not heard it, but it kind of sounds like when you do very rapid counting under your breath and you end up kind of sucking the numbers in. And in Faroese and Icelandic, they say ENTIRE PHRASES like that!! And the BEST bit:
They carried this linguistic habit with them wherever they went, which is why you can still hear it in parts of America (I think Maine? I might be misremembering) and Canada along with northern Europe. You get ingressive speech in other languages too (including some Native American ones I think), and that's not due to Vikings, but a lot of it is due to Vikings.
Reading about all this made me a bit too happy. If I could do a thesis and if I ever went back to uni, I think I would study mostly ingressives. They are so cool. If any people in charge of scholarships ever read this, do keep me in mind. I'm not very bright, but what I lack in intelligence, I make up for in enthusiasm and diligence.
Also today I had a pretty good driving lesson – I've had 'roundabouts' ticked off on the 'Sheet of Things Katie Knows', which is good, because I was getting a bit sick of roundabouts. I'm sure most people don't require 4 lessons to get the hang of them, but my brain isn't really receptive to learning new stuff quickly (except ingressives, did I mention that I love them?). Next week it's on to 'a turn in the road', which sounds dramatic but is just what they call a 'three-point turn' nowadays. It'll involve 'reversing', which I haven't done yet, but I'm sure it'll be fun and games. I'll have my test done and passed in no time. *ingressive* Not really */ingressive*