TWO things went well today:

– The day I've been waiting for ever since I became obsessed with gardening last year may have come – I MAY have an allotment! I'm going to view said allotment tomorrow evening. It's a brand new one so 'needs a bit of work', but unless it's literally a patch of desert, I'll say yes. Especially as it's otherwise unlikely to be before next January otherwise. I'd prefer a brand new one, in some ways, because I could then make it MINE. I had to stop thinking about it at work because I was getting too happy. Like when little Cerys was born and I couldn't walk properly for most of the day because I can't concentrate on being happy and walking at the same time. I keep thinking that I could have chickens on said allotment and they could be battery farm rescue chickens and they would be happy. Or I could build a replica u-boat. AND GOATS COULD LIVE IN IT.
So fingers crossed. I'll have missed proper growing season but I was thinking I could carefully move some of the stuff I have on my balcony. The seedlings are growing really slowly, but if they have sun, like, ALL DAY, they'll shoot up. Or die of shock.

– I had the Dreaded 'A Turn In The Road' manoeuvre ticked off in one lesson! I think it helped that I read quite a bit about it beforehand so knew what to expect and what to look out for. I was pretty surprised that I managed it, though. I think I'm better when there's no traffic – other cars are what scares me, especially an abundance thereof (not that we exactly get said abundance in this town). I will need to get over this fear. Next time it's 'reversing round a corner'. By then, I think I'll have forgotten ENTIRELY how to drive, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it, even if we have to cross said bridge by bike because we can no longer drive.

And WHHHHHHHHY a two week break before next lesson? BECAUSE OF HOLIDAY YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! I've done nowhere near as much packing as I'd hoped, but then again, thinking about it, I think it's just clothes I have to pack now. I have Secret Swedetribute and adapters and shampoo and spare Sanity Snacks. It'll be reeeeeet.