After a pregnancy, this is possibly the best thing to that could happen to me out of all the things:
Provisionally. I'm not signing anything for another couple of weeks until I get back from Sweden because the allotment is SUCH overgrown, and the council have to do stuff to it, probably so they can call it an allotment. Let me explain by means of a picture:
Most of the fenced-off bit is 'brand new', meaning it's not been used as an allotment for years. I could have picked a couple of plots but was put off slightly by the shared gate. I mean, I'd have gone for it if there was nothing else, but ideally I'd like a semi-private allotment so I can lock myself in and toil my problems away. So I asked about this one in the corner (labelled 'the empire'. The weeds are nearly waist-high at the moment, although there are old raised vegetable beds beneath them. It's the kind of thing only a madwoman would take on. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. The other plots available would require a bit of work anyway because the weeds are growing so fast, but this plot is entirely insane, which is why I like it.
It'll cost me about £30 each year because it's only a half plot, which I reckon is perfect. It's only provisional at this stage because he wants me to take another look once the council have removed all the many weeds, but he's said he'll not let it to anyone else, and that the council will have finished work on it by the time I return from Merry Sweden. And I can still say no, if I have a personality change while I'm away. It'll even make returning from Sweden less sad and heartrending than normal!