I've decided to create a new blog to chat about, like, gardening stuff. I was in two minds because I feel that if I keep creating new blogs for each of my fairly specific hobbies*, I feel like I'll have little left to say here. But then, allotmenteering is going to take up quite a bit of my time, and hopefully I'll have a lot to write about, and also, not everyone likes gardening quite as much as me, which is something I have to keep in mind while talking enthusiastically to people about potatoes. I'll still mention gardening on here, obvs, but will go into more detail on the other blog, which I think is a decent compromise. I'm also trying to make Other Blog sound a bit less mental and more 'proper', I've shared it on LinkedIn and everything. I'm not sure I've had too much success.
I trolled over to have another look at the allotment today. The weeds aren't waist-high. They are KATIE-high**. But it'll be fine. I have everything planned. I've had less success in planning things for my Celestial Holiday aka Swedevisit. I'll have all of Saturday to pack, which will be fine (WON'T IT?!?!??!? I HOPE IT WILL BE FINE!) and I'm not at all stressed. I normally start having anxiety dreams about forgetting to bring Little Rhian custard creams so she locks me out of her house by this point, but they've not yet started. I dreamt about potatoes last night because I'm worried that I'll have left mine in the ground too long by the time I return from Sweden.
I considered visiting 'the gym' to go bouldering today, but instead, I went and got cheesy chips and put them in my face. The excuse is that there's no point in buying fresh ingredients since I'll be away for a couple of weeks and that I can use the time I've saved on the washing up to do some actual packing. Clearly, I'll leave it all till Saturday and spend the rest of the evening looking for gardening stuff online. I'm going to hold off buying anything for the moment, though. Partly because the allotment's not OFFICIALLY mine yet and it could all go wrong, leading me to cry forever, and partly because I'm hoping that I'll be able to get stuff second-hand and maybe even free.

*including but not limited to u-boats, tin whistling, left-wing politics, historical fiction books and being clinically insane
**so waist-high on a normal person OH HO HO HOW AMUSING YOU TALL FOLK ARE