I'd planned to spend the day packing, and ALMOST succeeded. Last night, however, scuppered my 'get up early' plans a BIT:

It was worth it, though. I LOVE absinthe. It meant I slept in quite late this morning, then got very distracted by pre-holiday gardening. I want to try and make sure all my seedlings survive, so I had to add a bit of compost to each little pot. There's a lot of pots. I looked at the clock and suddenly it was half past four and I'd not done any of the stuff I was supposed to, like learn all of Swedish and pack my stuff.
I've now done SOME packing, enough to make me feel less stressed anyway. I usually have anxiety dreams about Little Rhian turning on me and deciding she doesn't want me in her house and locking me out, before I go to Sweden, but luckily, last night I just dreamt that my driving instructor shouted at me, so while it was an anxiety dream, it wasn't one that was related to the holiday.
Eeeeee it'll be proper fun. I don't have to leave distressingly early tomorrow, so hopefully I won't oversleep (like I did for work earlier this week, waking at 8.27am when I'm supposed to leave the house at 8.25am…luckily I am low-maintenance enough to get ready very quickly, and still got to work with time to spare) and miss the plane. Rhian says if I'm really good, I'm allowed to go to a Viking museum AND a u-boat museum which will be AWESOME. AND I'll be meeting A BABY. I don't think I've had this long a holiday off work since I started the Wonderful World of Proper Work way back in 2011 when I was knee-high to a grasshopper. It'll do me good, I reckon.