I spend loads of time working on the balcony, but what is life so full of care, we have no time to eat burgers and drink vermouth on the balcony too?

My gran recommended vermouth to me. I must've had it before, but I'd never gone out and bought a bottle before. And it was on special offer at Lidl, so out on my balcony I sat, with burgers, dill chips, a cocktail festooned with mint and strawberries from plants mere inches from my nose, and my knitting. It was nice. I need to spend more time doing stuff like this. So many of my weekends seem to be about catching up on stuff – sleep, housework, etc., that I keep forgetting to make the time to do nothing for a bit.
Not a huge amount's happened in the post-holiday week. I had my driving lesson on Monday, and surprised myself by being able to reverse around a corner with relative proficiency. I've got to do it again tomorrow, but this time it's a sharp corner. I've sometimes felt sad that I'm not on holiday anymore, which is the epitome of first world problems. It just seemed to go too fast. I also did something weird to my back on Friday so have spent the weekend limping around, but it's got quite a bit better this afternoon. Yesterday I tried to clean up the communal garden outside my house a bit. I say clean up, I mean 'make it less offensive to my eyes'. People chuck rubbish down into it the whole time, and there are weeds growing everywhere. I did what I could, but it's still not too appealing-looking.
OH and today I revisited the Potential Future Allotment. I'm a bit concerned. I visited it last weekend and was a bit disappointed because it wasn't anywhere near as ready as they'd indicated. I thought that they were probably just behind schedule, but when I looked today, it was actually even worse – the weeds had only grown taller and nothing else had been done. It's frustrating because I want to just make a start, ideally on a patch of land that's diggable, but when nothing's being done to clear the patch, it's just making stuff harder in the long run and pushing everything further back. Grumble grumble.
I might go to A City next weekend. I've got a new 'SIM card' that the young people have now because my old one was from roughly 2008, and said new SIM card would get me much better deals and free 'minutes' and 'internet' etc. Now I want to swap my number over, and apparently the only way to do this is to go into a shop and talk to real people face to face, which is awful.