This may look like the humble cheese on toast, but it is actually RAREBIT – my very first attempt at cooking it, having been inspired by little Rhian during my recent travels to the Welsh enclave she inhabits. There's beer in it (the rarebit, and possibly also the enclave too). I don't know what to do with the rest of the beer, owing to my 'irrational' hatred of literally all beer. The rarebit was delicious, anyway. I played Men of Harlech in the background to get the cheese to melt properly and to soothe it. I was reminded of my happy trip to see Chloë Dau Dotiau in Blaenavon and we got to go down A MINE and it was great.
I wish I could say the salad was all grown on my balcony, but that would be a lie. I have lettuce, rocket and the odd tomato growing there, but nothing's ready yet. I WEEP. There's still no allotment news, to my frustration. The balcony garden seems to be doing well – the cucumber plants and butterbushes are growing at an alarming rate, and I'm finally getting strawberries here and there. I don't think I can claim much credit for them, as I bought a lot of the strawberry plants basically with the strawberries on them, so I'm actually just tasting the reward of managing to keep a plant alive for a couple of weeks, but it's still delicious.
I did driving yesterday, specifically 'parallel parking'. It wasn't so bad, actually. I asked Long-Suffering Instructor if I should be thinking about taking my theory test soon, and actually, his answer pleased me, because it was non. Not on the basis that I'm an idiot who doesn't understand basic rules of the road, necessarily, but because I've so far done roughly 0 preparation for it, and there's no point in putting extra pressure on myself if I'm not making the time to, y'know, prepare. I will get round to it at some point. I'm trying to work out where my time keeps going, and I'm 80% sure that it's gardening. I check on my plants before I go to work, and then sometimes spend about an hour on the balcony after work, and then have a good long garden over the weekend. I can't see an allotment necessarily improving the time situation, but maybe I can combine hobbies. Learn to drive while tilling the soil. Etc.
My trollfamily are coming up next month – not all the way to Northumberland like they did last year, but to North Yorkshire. I'm hopefully going to troll over and see them at the weekend, and will HOPEFULLY persuade them to take me here. Anywhere with the tagline 'The Strangest Place in the World' pretty much has me sold. The next step will be to convince my family of the joys of holidaying in Sweden. My parents shall then retire there, and I'll be able to emigrate there to merrily join them! WHAT A GOOD PLAN.