I'm experiencing some kind of odd psychological disconnect when I buy plants these days, possibly stemming from my guilt and my concern that soon, I'll have nowhere left to put them. Yesterday I 'ended up' with a melon plant, but I say 'ended up' like it followed me home like a stray cat and I was forced to take it in.
That didn't happen at all. What happened was that I went to the Roots and Shoots garden with the express intent of buying some kind of plant (they often sell surplus plants and vegetables from the garden, which is quite awesome). They didn't have that many plants left – I guess it's pretty late in the year to be buying them – but they did have massive great melon plants with trailing leaves. I then left money for the plant in their watering can, as instructed, and then took the plant with me to my house. I did all this. It was me. I need to recognise this and take responsibility for my plant-buying actions.
I don't know what I'm doing buying melons anyway, as it's probably not going to be warm enough to keep the plant in anything but a greenhouse, and my greenhouse isn't really big enough for grown plants. Well, we'll see what happens. The good thing about buying plants cheaply is that they have value as an educational tool if nothing else. I shall learn from the melon plant and evolve into a better gardener.
I know I said I'd confine my plant-related postings to my other blog, but there's still not really any news on the pending allotment. I emailed the council yesterday to ask what was going on, as I was expecting to hear from them a few weeks ago. Other than that, not a huge amount's been happening. I'm spending a lazy Sunday resisting cleaning my house, and failing to resist eating biscuits. Went over to Barter Books earlier – the novelty of having it so close to where I live has still not worn off – and started to covet a couple of books – one's about Siberian languages and one's about Pennsylvania Dutch. I can't really justify the expense at the moment, but they should still be there next month. I also browsed Lidl. Lidl's possibly the only supermarket you can actually 'browse' because they have different random stuff every week, it seems. I was happy that they seem to have a load of Greek stuff in stock again. Several months back I bought some custard rolls which, while not the healthiest, were FANTASTIC. This time I bought feta cheese parcels, halva, and weirdest of all, vegan pistachio jelly. I'm yet to try it and am a little apprehensive. I WILL KEEP YOU INFORMED.