Snapdragons are my favourite because you can make them talk.
When a woman has lived on her own for some time, and doesn't own any cats, this is bound to be the result. I worked 8am-4pm, and this change in routine is always going to make me overexcited. Not content with spending my lunchbreak in Homebase, buying the snapdragon (£1.50) and another hanging basket with wild strawberries (£1!), I trolled off to Wilkos after work and bought two bags of compost for under £2 and limped back to my house with them. I'm exhausted.
I promised myself I wouldn't go on about gardening so much anymore – I'm sure there's other stuff happening. I'm getting a call from the doctor tomorrow to discuss how sane I am at the moment. I might not mention the rabid plant purchasing. And get this, right – I could have avoided using the phone and just booked a normal appointment, but I chose not to. This is progress.
I'm off down to North Yorkshire at the weekend to briefly reunite with my family, who will be on holiday there this week. It'll be good to get out for a bit – I don't think I've been further afield than Newcastle in the last month. I keep thinking to myself 'Oooh, I'll take myself off to Cuba/Mongolia/some other exotic location this winter', but the location changes according to my whim, and I can't settle, so very probably, not a lot will happen. I require the proverbial kick up the backside.