I trolled down to North Yorkshire this weekend. I keep overlooking just how high up I am. North Yorkshire's a couple of hours on the train. I'm wondering if my choosing to live there is related to stigma from my mum's side of the family, who always mocked me for having been born in Essex. So I overcompensated by living WAY further north than Liverpool. But anyway, let us leave the psychoanalysis for later.
It was pretty!
A lot of the villages reminded me a bit of Buckinghamshire BUT in a good way – a kind of cosiness. Pickering seemed to have a lot of war memorabilia, and also some 1940s dresses for sale. I tried cloudberry Kopparberg for the first time, it was very nice. Yesterday we trolled off to Dalby Forest to GO APE. I've been lots and lots of times before, possibly about 5, although this was my first visit to this particular one. IT WAS COOL. I think it was one of the best ones, it had a lot of zip wires. I really want to go here, for my next daring feat, but it might be tricky to get to. If it was in south Wales, I could stay with Epic Family one weekend and just hop over the border for the day, but alas, it's further north. I'll go one day. Being up in the trees took a bit longer than we all expected and I ended up missing my train back to The Land Beyond the Wall, but I managed to get the last one, so all was well.
I did reflect how odd it is that I can happily launch myself off trees and stuff (while safely attached to equipment OBVS) but I stress QUITE A BIT about stuff like driving lessons. I don't know what my brain's up to, although I suppose that's nothing new. Driving was good today, I've been concentrating more on focusing on one thing at a time, and it's been working a lot better than my usual 'Lalalala driving along nicely ARGH HELP I HAVE TO DO STUFF, PANIC' tactic.
I returned to my house to delight in the progress of my garden! I have to lament that my cauliflowers are pretty much gone now, having been eaten by caterpillars. Well, one lives and learns – I didn't do anything to prevent the caterpillars, so they came. I'm hoping to replant a few aubergines where the cauliflowers currently are, in order to create a bit more space (so I can keep buying plants). But enough of the bad, look at the good!
I can't believe how fast the cucumbers are growing. Honestly, I checked on them on Saturday before I left, had another look this morning, and WHOOSH. It had become a cucumber! And finally, at least one of the aubergine plants has shown some signs of actually producing something. SOON I SHALL HAVE AUBERGINES GALORE.