I decided to try 'some Greek cooking' this weekend, for want of other stuff to do. I was very pleased with the results, LOOK:
We have arakas on the right, and the more famous Greek salad on the left. I'd never heard of arakas till quite recently – I think it's meant to be something cooked by monks in Lent. I'm not a monk, nor is it Lent, but the pea stew tasted very nice. I'm normally sceptical about over-cooking peas (due to my hatred of mushy peas, which has lost me nearly as many northern points as getting born in Essex), but it was delicious. The Greek salad had cucumber, parsley and a bit of rocket from the balcony garden. Inching towards self-sufficiency! Only a matter of time before I buy a plot of land, fence it off, patrol it with a rifle and call it Katiedom. Or something.
I slept horribly late yesterday – I won't say what time I got up, because that might make it true, but let's just say that I wasn't conscious for any of the morning. Oh dear. I normally sleep in during the weekend, but rarely quite that late. In my slight defence, I failed to go to bed early any evening last week, so maybe I was catching up? No. I am a disgrace.
I was planning to walk to the beach and feed my friends the jackdaws today, but the weather's quite rainy, so I bumbled to an antiques fair instead. There were many brilliant useless things there. I considered getting a wooden display stand with 5 types of antique barbed wire, but resisted. I then trotted down to Barter Books, intending to buy and devour CHIPS, deciding to forget that I was ever supposed to be 'watching what I eat'. Fate intervened, alas – it was too busy to get a seat anywhere. I hung about for a bit to see if any seats became available, but unfortunately, I accidentally bought this:
I've been coveting this book since about January, but it was £26 and I haven't felt able to justify that expense for some time. I'm still not really able to justify it – my 'big purchase' this month was going to be new shoes, as the ones I have have somehow developed holes. BUT I DO NOT CARE, I NOW OWN A BOOK ABOUT SIBERIAN YUPIK ESKIMO, I WILL GO BAREFOOT TILL NEXT MONTH IF IT COMES TO THAT.
I'm not really desolate, I have many interesting journeys ahead of me. Off to Edinburgh next weekend, and the week after that, Switzerland and Hereford, in a kind of blended long weekend. More on that story later.
I think I'm making progress, incidentally: I haven't bought ANY plants this weekend! OK, I did 4 hours of gardening yesterday, but I didn't get anything new, and the fact that the various places I went to didn't have anything I wanted for sale is totally irrelevant. I got a £25 voucher from my trade union for making a referral, and the voucher can be spent in quite a few gardening shops, so I think this compounds my achievement. Instead, I've spent some of the voucher on boring stuff like kitchen towel, washing up liquid and toilet roll. It feels a bit weird that my trade union's bought me toilet roll. It's what the oppressed masses of workers would have wanted.