I trolled off to Edinburgh to see little Rose and little Caroline yesterday. Caroline's one of those dramatic people who doesn't hide from society, but instead makes a conscious effort to talk to people more than she has to, a concept alien to me. Nevertheless, she and Rose are puddings, so we had a nice day. I was worried Edinburgh was going to be hysterically busy, as it was last time I visited the Fringe, but it wasn't so bad. We had dinner:
I had potatoes with dill, which I'd just picked at random without realising the herb was indeed dill. This gains me Swedepoints. We saw a PLAY Caroline was in. It was 'interactive theatre', which I would normally find terrifying, but Caroline is wise and kind and ensured that we weren't picked on. It was good-natured picking on people anyway, and it was a very clever play. Caroline had to troll back to work, but me and Rose lollygagged round the city for the rest of the time. Before the play, we went to a macaroon shop owned by a friend of Rose's. I admit a certain amount of scepticism towards macaroons as I've sometimes felt as though they are trying to be the new cupcake, and I'm all like WHY DO YOU NEED NEW CUPCAKES, but these were delicious. And the coffee, I've decided, makes my mental (as in, inside my head, not as in crazy) top ten list of best coffees I've ever had. I'll write this list down one day.
We also saw people from Wool Against Weapons, who I knitted a square for last month. Hopefully both Rose AND Caroline will be in the Midlands next weekend, for I shall be there too, and we might be able to go to a FOOD FESTIVAL.
The train journey back to Alnmouth started off looking like one of the worst journeys ever. It was really overcrowded, not helped by the French schoolkids literally lying in the aisles, making it tricky to walk past without causing them harm. There were a few empty, but reserved seats, so I tried to just sit down hoping that the rightful sitters wouldn't turn up. Sadly, I got turfed out three times, and had to stand until Dunbar (which isn't too far, in fairness, I'd just spent all day on my feet and was thus tired). After this, I managed to get a four-seater round a table. A man who was both really drunk, and really angry came and sat opposite me, and I could just tell that he was desperate to have some kind of conversation, so I very carefully made no eye contact with him. He then spilt his beer EVERYWHERE, mostly over the lady next to him. Then he apologised and said he'd had a bad night. Nobody asked him why his night had been so bad. He went away.
Then three Mancunian ladies came to sit by me, quite stressed because they were taking a different route to what they'd planned. They thought York was 10 minutes away from Edinburgh, so I mentioned this wasn't the case. Then they started to get out beers, but realised they had nothing to open them with. They lamented this for some time, even going to the food area and begging for a bottle opener. In some desperation, they asked me if perhaps I knew how to open bottles with my teeth. I could have been offended, as if I'm the type of lady who can open bottles with her teeth (I am). LUCKILY I SAVED THE DAY. During Swedetrip no. 3 or maybe 4, I acquired a bottle opener keyring, which, in Britain, causes many people to see you as an alcoholic. Not these Mancunians, though. They were so happy, they gave me some Budweiser. I was all ready to pretend that I like beer, as I so often have to do, but it turns out that I quite like Budweiser. I know people will judge me for this. Anyway, by this time, Alnmouth was approaching, so I had to get off the train and wait for the bus with my beer in hand. Luckily, the wait for the bus was an hour, as is standard, because the council can't organise anything, so I had plenty of time. To drink at a bus stop. It cheered me right up.
Today I've been dismantling the garden to make way for Vera. Then I cleaned the house, and tried to sort out my gallivanting next week. I feel like I haven't really stopped, which is why it's important to take the time to ramble on a blog, at least so you sit still for a bit. I'm apprehensive about the week ahead. It could/should be really fun, with all kind of fun things going on, but there's a lot that could go wrong, generally with transport. I HOPE IT IS ALL OK.