I keep meaning to write, y'know, stuff that's not inane ramblings, but I rarely manage this. I've got actual meaningful stuff to write about, like the state of trade unions in Britain today, and my relationship with all the West Germanic languages I've studied and how I see each of them. But the reality is, I got straight back from work, started gardening, made dinner but didn't really remember it because I was so absorbed in gardening, and then my gran rang, so I haven't stopped hopping around yet today, and my brain needs a rest. Inane ramblings it is.

Vera filming was COOL. My house is now infamous. I could hear them filming scenes and everything. I hope my stupid face peering out of the window at all the famous actors hasn't made it onto film. I did place a bottle of vermouth in the window (my gran recommended vermouth to me, and she's right, it's great. When I can't get absinthe), and maybe that will appear. I put the garden back together on Wednesday night.

Then for the next few days, this happened:
Switzerland was very pretty, even after such a long journey. The hotel was nice (I had a bit of a wobble when I couldn't find it right away, after having travelled for the last 12 hours and being too scared to speak German, despite having been learning it for literally half my life). On Friday morning I walked to Liechtenstein, just because it was there. I walked there again on Friday afternoon, but went a bit further as I had more time, getting to the town of Schaan. This was there:
Liechtenstein was fun. Both Switzerland and Liechtenstein felt a bit 'cooler' than Austria, although I guess I did most of my Austria visits over a decade ago, and things have changed since then. Austria seemed to be more about deer antlers and rifles on the walls of every home, whereas Switzerland and Liechtenstein have modern art and tourists and stuff. Plus, like Rich promised- in Liechtenstein, car number plates are BLACK!! They are now my second favourite kind of number plates, after German ones. Irish ones are pretty good too. OK, I have to stop thinking about number plates because it makes my brain go in happy loops.

I left Switzerland very early on Saturday morning. It doesn't look like I'll be going back there in the immediate future, which is a shame, but I got to change planes in AMSTERDAM. I hadn't been back to the Netherlands in 5 years. I'd forgotten how happy the Dutch language makes me. OK, obviously I work with it, and sometimes troll my colleagues by speaking to them in Dutch, but it's not the same as hearing it around you the whole time. I felt all warm inside, like I hardly hated society at all. Awww Dutch.

Then I headed home, but not Northumberhome – actual West Midlands home. My mum, one brother and two sisters were away this weekend, but the rest of the family was there. Went to a food festival in Hereford on Sunday and celebrated little Rose's birthday, tried marmalade vodka, etc. And headed back to Northumberland, and 'normal life', yesterday. Tidied the garden quite a bit:
I could go on forever about what's happening with the garden, but I have a whole blogful of posts about that, so all I will say is that it took ages, and I will be glad of rest soon.
It was fun, though, my extended weekend of travelling. I was so worried it'd all go breasts northwards, but I managed it. Even when I discovered that Swiss sockets work differently and not with my European adapter at all, and I had but limited battery on my phone, causing a certain amount of worry, and also didn't know the German word for adapter. I dealt with it, because I'm not as daft as I think I am (mostly). I just asked in a shop if they sold adapters (showing them my useless adapter to make it clear what I was on about), When they didn't, I just asked at the hotel, and they saved me. All was well.
I've been feeling a lot better recently, from a mental point of view . I'm still going to take it slowly, but I'm going to see if perhaps I can get those 10mg of sanity snackage down to 0mg. Replacing antidepressants with gardening sounds like a brilliant plan. I often wonder if all mentalists/recovering mentalists have hobbies like I do, which they throw themselves into with this kind of grim determination ("RIGHT, life, I WILL enjoy you, and even if I don't feel enjoyment right away, I will work hard until I feel SOMETHING"). Maybe one day, I'll do some kind of survey out of curiosity. Gardening's a relatively normal mentalist hobby. Wonder if anyone does stamp collecting or welly throwing.