I FINALLY got the keys to my allotment today! I hadn't told many people I was hoping to get them today just in case it all went wrong. It has, potentially, gone wrong already. There are a LOT of nettles, which they were hoping would die off after they sprayed anything, but it's not really worked. A man is coming on Friday to trim them, and hopefully I can make a proper start at the weekend. Main thing is, I've got a key. Although I have grand plans for this allotment, my expectations for the rest of this year are pretty low. They're low in general, actually. I'll be happy if I can get as much digging as possible done before the frost comes, which I believe is scheduled for late October in this part of the country. The soil beneath the multitude of nettles is pretty good, and there are a couple of raised beds beneath it all, but I'm not under any illusions that it'll be easy. But it's free for the rest of the year, and only £25 next year. I'll just do the best I can with what I've got. I'm looking forward to my first dig. The plan is to stop off for chips on the way there, and spend most of the day on the allotment. It's also good timing as I've recently started MyFitnessPal again, having fallen off 'the stupid wagon' several months ago (could blame going mental, but it's mostly been laziness to be very honest). Digging potatoes is WAY more fun than going to a gym.
Not too much has happened since SwissTrip. Went off to the beach on Sunday, hoping to see my friends the jackdaws and maybe feed them, then tame them so that they'd come home with me and be my friends. This didn't happen, but I found quite a bit of sea glass, which I always think is pretty. I mean, I guess it's only glass that's been in the sea for ages and thus fairly worthless, but you could also argue that gold's just shiny metal.
I have slightly itchy feet despite my recent trip abroad. I've been trying to balance up the number of days I could still take off this year (9) with how many I'll need for Christmas, how many I'll want to keep for emergencies, how many I'll want to carry over till next year, etc. I'd quite like to visit Younger Sibling David in Italy, as he's basically Italian these days, and I've never properly been there. We'll see. For the moment, I have an allotment to care for.