I've had one of those days where it's just seemed non-stop until roughly now, although I totally brought this on myself by spending the bulk of the day on the allotment. Things are going slowly, but well, I think. I have random little patches of it cleared, so there's a fruit tree corner near the elderberry tree that was already there, which now has a tayberry plant, two blueberry plants, a blackberry plant, three raspberry canes, and tomorrow, if I remember to take it with me, the loganberry plant. I planted borage in the 'wildflower bit', and started off a compost heap – that was basically what I did in the entire 5 hours on the allotment. It doesn't seem like a huge amount. I went on a walk, halfway through the digging, and did some blackberry picking. I was covered in soil by this point and possibly caused some alarm to the local community, but it was more or less worth it – look what I made:
I was quite over-ambitious with all the stuff I cooked – I made a potato pie with the potatoes I found adorning my allotment during the week.Then the salad wasn't too home-grown except for the mustard, but the cucumber mojito was made from a cucumber grown on my very own balcony. The blackberry pie for pudding!
Spent too long faffing about with making all these things and not enough time just resting, but it was fun. I might take it a bit easier tomorrow and only spent three hours on the allotment. Although I know once I'm there, I'll start thinking 'Ooh, I'll just tidy this bit up/rake over this bit/plant an entire forest', and then it's going dark outside. Happily, I've now got a bike for the first time since I've moved to Alnwick, and it's a downhill cycle most of the way back from the allotment, which is good when your legs have given up.
I'm not sure what else has gone on apart from gardening. I've started Myfitnesspal again, because gardening= lost calories galore, and I don't have to lie about the number of party rings I've eaten. I've started playing the Banner Saga after buying it on a Steam sale. I toyed with the idea of building a Nissen hut in the allotment but I think I've gone totally insane.